Go Kart Sales

Go Kart Sales, OTK racing karts chassis are the Master Kart in karting, brands like Tony Kart, Kosmic, Exprit, Eos and Redspeed is 95% the right choose on every karting circuit. All OTK karts are realized in molybdenum chrome steel, and have adjustable front and rear right hight. Most models have torsion bars which allow to modify the rigidity of the chassis. Adjustment of camber and caster is easy fix thanks to the eccentric washers. The top full size karts are provided with magnesium OTK components. The brake system can be choosen among the BSS (shifter) – BSD (rear brake) Full size karts are equipped with OTK adjustable pedals in forged aluminum, new floor plate and new model fuel tank. The chassis have OTK M8 bodywork, wind tunnel tested to reduce aerodynamic resistance and they have OTK design stickers. OTK the Master Kart!!