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Kart tires are a critical component of kart racing, and different tire brands and models are used in various racing categories and conditions. 

LeVanto Tires: LeVanto is a brand that produces high-quality kart tires. These tires are designed or The Vortex Rok categories and provide good grip and durability on the track, making them suitable for competitive karting.

The choice of kart tires depends on factors such as the type of karting competition, track conditions, and personal preferences. Different tire models from these brands may be better suited for specific situations, so kart racers often select their tires based on the conditions they expect to encounter during a race.

It's essential for kart racers to consider the tire regulations and recommendations set by the karting governing bodies and the specific racing series in which they participate, as these regulations may specify which tire models are allowed in competitions. Additionally, proper tire maintenance, tire pressure adjustments, and tire warm-up procedures are crucial for optimizing tire performance and handling on the track.