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IAME (Italian American Motor Engineering) is a well-known manufacturer of kart engines and karting components. They have been producing kart engines for many years and are a respected name in the karting industry. IAME engines are used in various karting categories, from entry-level classes to high-performance racing divisions. Some of their popular kart engine models include the IAME X30, IAME KA100, and IAME Swift.

Here's some information about a few of their notable kart engines:

  1. IAME X30: The IAME X30 is a widely used and popular kart engine known for its reliability and performance. It features a 125cc two-stroke engine with electric start, and it's commonly used in various karting categories, including junior and senior divisions.

  2. IAME KA100: The IAME KA100 is another popular kart engine, designed to offer a cost-effective and competitive option for kart racers. It's a 100cc two-stroke engine, and it's often used in classes that aim to provide affordable and competitive racing.

  3. IAME Swift: The IAME Swift is an entry-level kart engine designed for newcomers to karting. It's designed to be easy to maintain and provides a good starting point for beginners to learn the basics of kart racing.

These are just a few examples of the engines produced by IAME. Kart engines come in various sizes and configurations, and the choice of engine depends on the specific karting category and the goals of the racer. IAME, among other manufacturers, provides a range of options to cater to the diverse needs of the karting community.