Fluids & Lubrication for your Go Kart and Engine

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Xeramic is a brand that produces a range of lubricants and additives designed for karting and other motorsport applications. These lubricants are formulated to provide optimal performance, protection, and longevity for kart engines and related components. Xeramic offers various products, including two-stroke oil, chain lubricants, and other commonly used in the karting industry.

Here are some of the Xeramic lubricants and products commonly used in karting:

  • Xeramic Castor 2-Stroke Kart Racing Oil: Xeramic's two-stroke oil is designed to provide superior protection for kart engines. It's formulated to reduce friction, prevent deposits, and enhance engine performance.

  • Xeramic Chain Lube: Chain lubricants are essential for maintaining and extending the life of kart chains. Xeramic offers chain lubes that reduce friction, resist fling-off, and protect against wear.

  • Xeramic X-40: Xeramic X-40 can be used to remove dirt, grime, and grease from surfaces. WD-40 is effective in cleaning and degreasing equipment. 

  • Xeramic Brake and Carburetor Cleaners: These are cleaning products that can help remove dirt and residue from brake components and carburetors, ensuring optimal performance.

Xeramic lubricants and additives are used by kart racers and teams to maintain their engines and components, reduce wear, and optimize performance. Choosing the right lubricants is crucial to ensure that your kart engine operates at its best during races and practices.

Please note that the specific Xeramic products are available for your karting needs.