High Class Go Kart Engine Tuning for Vortex Engines, Rotax Max, Iame and TM


Koene Engine Tuning 


Everybody wants a faster engine or not?



From a young age as a driver Martijn started preparing his own engines. The successes followed suit and he was quickly picked up by the Tony Kart factory team to prepare their engines. Various European and World championships were achieved. He also run his own team powering to European and World Championships and various other titles.

In recent years the attention shifted to Vortex Rok, Rotax Max and IAME engines preparation resulting in various titles in the USA and Europe.



  • Engine Full Re-building
  • Engine Tuning / Blueprinting
  • Race Engine Rental
  • Carburetor Tuning
  • Dyno Testing and Running in Service


Service overview: 

Before the work starts we have to fully understand the homologation sheet with the technical regulations of each specific engine, this is the basis for the engine preparation. After disassembling the engine they getting cleaned and put in an ultrasonic bath. When we start to assemble the engine with new parts measurements are made to ensure that the optimal settings, tolerances and limits are implemented.  Finally each engine is put on our high tech Dyno and will be run in. Several test runs are made to make sure the optimum performance are achieved to have winning engines.


Engine parts on the table


Koene engine tuning services room


Koene engine tuning services room


Koene engine tuning equipment


Koene engine tuning equipment


Koene engine tuning equipment


Computer monitor displaying data