Engine Parts

Kart engine spare parts for Vortex engines, Rotax Max, IAME engines, Dellorto and Tillotson carburetors, NGK and Nippon Denso spark plugs are typically available at koene.com. Here are some common kart engine spare parts and components available for these different types of engines:

Vortex engines: For Vortex engines, you can find specific spare parts such as pistons, gaskets, clutches, exhaust components, and bearings. Vortex Rok engines are popular in karting and often have specific spare parts.

Rotax Max: Rotax Max engines have a wide range of spare parts available, including piston kits, clutches, carburetor components, and bearings. Rotax offers various engines in the Max series, each of which may require specific parts.

IAME engines: IAME engines, such as the X30 and KA100, also have an extensive range of spare parts, including pistons, gaskets, carburetor components, and ignition components.

Dellorto and Tillotson carburetors: These manufacturers provide a variety of carburetor parts, such as jets, needles, float bowls, and seals. Properly tuning and maintaining the carburetor is crucial for good engine performance.

NGK and Nippon Denso spark plugs: You can find replacement spark plugs from NGK and Nippon Denso to ensure optimal ignition. The type of spark plug you need may depend on your engine's specifications.

It's important to use original or manufacturer-recommended spare parts to maintain the performance and reliability of your kart engine. You can purchase these parts at Koene.com, which specializes in karting and specific engine configurations. Properly maintaining and replacing parts is crucial to ensure that your kart engine continues to run smoothly and perform well on the track.