Engine Parts

Rotax Max, Vortex, and IAME go-kart engine parts are available for all brands in the Koene online store. 

We supply Vortex engine parts for the ROK engines, including Mini Rok, Rok, Rok GP and Shifter Rok. DST, DJT for the OK CIK FIA classes, and the KZ gearbox classes RTZ and RSZ. A wide range of Rotax engine parts in stock to upgrade or rebuild your Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, or DD2 MAX engine. Find IAME engine parts for your X30 engine or 60cc Mini Swift at Koene.com.

We also stock a range of go kart clutch parts, go-kart pistons, racing spark plugs, Dellorto and IBEA carburetors and parts, and other go-kart racing engine parts. Choose your engine type below and find the go-kart engine parts you need!