Tonykart NEOS 950 mm  30 mm Axle

Tonykart NEOS 950 mm 30 mm Axle

Tonykart NEOS 950 mm 30 mm Axle
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OTK Kart Group started a completely new project Neos. The R&D department developed totally new shapes regarding the design of the frame, compared to what the Rookie offers already. In tracing the lines of the new small chassis from the Tony Kart factory, though, we started from a solid base thanks to the technical information gathered in kilometers and kilometers of test sessions carried out to refine the models in this category. The added value provided by the OTK working process reserved to the design and the manufacturing of all its products, through the use of high-quality raw materials and accurate machining carried out with extremely advanced machinery. (Shipping cost may be different on this product due weight and volume it will by calculated on a separated base, please ask for a quote by e-mailing us)

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